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Reproductive Health Care

A whole person approach

With a futuristic vision for improving patient services.

Menopause Well-being Online Private Clinic

Speak with either a Menopause Support Nurse, GP or Advanced Menopause Specialist.

joining the dots

Our Philosophy

We aim to inspire people to think differently, enabling them to understand the long term consequences of not menopausing in a healthy way, make changes and create positive outcomes.

It is estimated that there are around 13 million women who are currently peri or menopausal in the UK

A Changing Landscape

The mechanics of menopause has not changed, but the life we lead has. It’s time the modern menopause had a different dialogue.

our aim is to

  • Promote life-changing, evidence-based education and support for people who menstruate and transition through perimenopause, menopause to post menopause
  • Work within the guidance set out by NICE
  • Nurture our community
  • Advocate for better support for all menstruators

an innovative approach

A Futuristic Vision Today

Our innovative approach starts the conversation in a different place, with a collective of people who are passionate about learning and sharing this knowledge with others. We don’t talk about menopause, because we don’t talk about menstruation. We don’t talk about menstruation, because no one taught us how to.


The Menopause School training will ensure you receive evidence based information, from a British Menopause Society registered Advanced Menopause Specialist, within NICE Guidelines. 

inspire & improve

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a modern menopause

Menopause Well-being Clinic

Apointments for menopause care available online.

creating lasting change

The Community Project

Our aim is to reach all parts of society through community workshops and sponsorship.


The Menopause School

Our innovative approach to education and training on menstruation to menopause, for individuls, organisations and communities.

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