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Our Vision of Care

A Changing Landscape

Our innovative approach starts the conversation in a different place, with a collective of people who are passionate about learning and sharing this knowledge with others. There is a much bigger picture to menopausing than meets the eye and finding the right people to speak with at the right time is crucial to successfully navigating your Hormone Highway from periods to no periods … and beyond.

We aim to inspire people to think differently, enabling them to understand the long term consequences of not menopausing in a healthy way, make changes and create positive outcomes. It is estimated that there are around 13 million women who are currently perimenopausal or menopausal in the UK

The mechanics of menopause has not changed, but the life we lead has.

A Vision of Care for the Modern Menopause

We have designed our new online menopause well-being clinic to cover a wider range of options in both time frame and economics, but more importantly the kind of conversations we know you want to have. We have three different kinds of healthcare professional in one easy access portal.

Menopause Support Nurse (MSN)

An MSN is a nurse-led role, trained by The Menopause School and mentored by our team of doctors. Your appointment is 45 minutes long, much more suitable for someone who feels a standard 10 minute GP appointment just isn’t enough time to cover all the points. The conversation with an MSN enables you to fully explore your questions about menopausing and gain a clearer insight to your treatment options. Consider it more like a talking-therapy option. Talking with an MSN is great for someone who:

  • Feels confident to pursue a personalised plan in their own time, but not on their own.
  • Feels confused and anxious and wants to be more equipped with information before talking with a Health Care Professional who can go on to discuss prescription options.
  • Has a treatment plan in place but needs to talk to a supportive trained individual, just because it helps to.

Private GP

A clinical consultation with an experienced doctor, with a special interest in women’s health and who regularly speaks with patients about menopause. Our consultation time of 30 minutes allows for a much longer conversation than is possible with your own GP, so raising concerns and asking those all important questions about you and your options is much much easier. Prior to your consultation we ask you to complete a health check questionnaire which will enable both you and the doctor to explore your medical history and design a treatment pathway that sits with your values and beliefs. Talking with a Private GP is great for someone who:

  • Wants to match up their medical history with treatment options moving forward.
  • Needs an appointment to to discuss HRT sooner rather than later.
  • Has a treatment plan in place but wants to know if there are other options that will be of benefit.

Menopause Specialist

Menopause management with an Accredited Menopause Specialist. Both Dr Joanne Hobson and Mr Sam Dobson are registered specialists with the British Menopause Society*. During this in-depth consultation with a doctor highly experienced in reproductive and post reproductive health, you will be able to discuss the full range of both physical and psychological symptoms and how they relate to you. Understand the risks and benefits of treatment choices for you as an individual, and share in decision-making on a treatment plan that’s right for you. Talking with an Accredited Menopause Specialist is great for someone who:

  • Wishes to discuss clinical components of their own Hormone Highway journey with a specialist
  • Explore all available options in a non-pressured environment
  • May have had an initial treatment plan, but would lie to talk to someone with additional skills who can support them

*The definition of a BMS Specialist can be found here

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